8 Insta-Worthy Tips for Dog Photos

Make the most out of your moments with your dog and create pictures that tell your story.

Memories with your dog are always worth the adventure. So, here are some great tips to make your Insta-worthy compositions that make for a great human-dog bond.

Woman taking picture of brown dog on phone

Photo Cred: Jamie Street


  1. Power Shots 🦍

To get powerful, eye-catching shots, put your phone camera upside down and capture them from the ground up. This gives your dog a tall and strong stance. Even French Bulldogs look like they’ll put up a front.

Dog at the beach with woman holding leash

Photo Cred: Jacub Gomez


  1. Eyes on the Prize 🏆👀

Want your dog to look to a specific direction? Give them a reason to look. Get their favorite toy or treat and attach it to a stick, or simply hold it up wherever you want them to look. We recommend a stick or even a tripod to avoid arm exhaustion.

Woman giving her dog a treat


  1. Fast Shutter Speed for Action Shots 📸💥

Like humans, dogs are usually moving and paying attention to their surroundings. Set up a fast shutter speed at 1/1000 seconds or faster to capture their movements with clear, clean shots. Catch them running or walking without tracing blurs. 

Pro tip: There are smartphone applications that offer different shutter speed, focus, depth of field, lighting and other enhancing auto-effects.

Man throwing ball for dog to catch in mid-air

Photo Cred: Zen Chung


  1. Color Composition is Key 🎨

Colors make or break photoshoots. Tell your colorful story through amazing bandanas, background, and your dog’s color coat.

Use these details create insightful compositions. There are different creative ways to use their coat tones, spots, color mixes, birth marks, and accessories. Take the background into consideration to contrast, complement, or blend. 

Dog posing with colorful background

Photo Cred: Patrick Hendry


  1. Rewards = Thank You 🦴

Reward them for their work with their favorite treat and/or some love. Dogs have to feel like they’re doing a good job in order to keep going. So, thank them with a treat and they’ll continue to go along for the ride.

Dog catching treat in mid-air

Photo Cred: Sebastian Coman


  1. Don’t Overload 🤪

Don’t stress it, make it a fun experience for both (or more) of you. Photoshoots are a great opportunity to create fun and loving memories, so don’t get too wrapped up in the details.

After all, you can always come back and just try again. Nobody’s born a natural dog photographer, so make the best of it and keep on practicing!

Woman smiling holding dog in arms

Photo Cred: Cottonbro


  1. Use Your Environment 🌆

Whether working from home in your office, jogging in the mornings, or strolling in the evening at the dog park, there are places that resonate with you and your dog. Use your environment to capture where you guys hang out and share. 

Dog sitting on couch at home


  1. Tell Your Story 📗

Every dog-human connection has a story. There’s something about your bond that’s different, so tell it through defining accessories. Share a slice of your everyday with your dog. Take into account all the meaningful moments you have to build your story.

Woman posing holding dog in the city

 Photo Cred: Ivan Oboleninov

 Man sitting with dog looking the distance

 Photo Cred: Cottonbro

The best memories are genuine moments that live in your mind, heart, and spirit. Have fun!