Road Trip with Dogs: Essentials List & Tips

Venturing into the wild is what we’re all about. Whether it’s a trip to the springs or an adventurous park, your dog will always choose to be by your side. So, let’s get you ready to enjoy the trip with your dog with these helpful tips. We’ve also made a check list before your trip.


Tips for the Road


Positive Reinforcement & Comfort

Car sickness is one of the most common issues when road tripping with dogs. Positive reinforcement is important to get your dog used to the dynamic of being in the car for a while and staying calm. So, pack up the goodies! Beware, too many rewards may cause sickness, especially for dogs that are not used to being in the car often. If the trip is over 4 hours, we recommend you get them used to riding in the car a few weeks before the trip.

You should also bring their favorite toys (2 or so) so that they have something familiar and comforting with them when they arrive at the destination.


When Nature Calls, Answer!

Can you imagine being entrapped into a nasty dog duty cage? No thanks! Make sure to time your dog’s bathroom stops, even if you’re not feeling it. It’s essential for them to release when they need to, so that you avoid smelling like a dirty dog mess whenever you arrive at your destination.


Designated Spot

Allow your dog their designated space in the car. It’s dangerous for your dog to be wandering around the car, especially if you’re driving alone. This’ll help them feel familiar and avoid them wandering around the car and distracting you while driving. As we previously mentioned, it’s ideal for you to practice having them in the car and assigning them a specific spot.


Maintain the Regular Eat, Sleep, & Walk Routine

Open bowls are not great to have inside a moving car. So, we recommend you offering your dog food and water every time you stop or if you notice them searching around for something. Try to keep their regular eat, sleep, and walk schedule when you arrive at your destination to help them feel comfortable in the new trip environment.


Double Check Dog & Pet Policies

Check if where you’re staying, dining, and hanging out welcome dogs. Bringing your dog just to lock them in the rental place for the whole trip is not ideal. Might as well leave them at a nice dog hotel near home, where they can socialize and have more careful attention.

Keep a look out for parasites, insects, and other animals that you may encounter along the way or at the destination. Different natural habitats may expose different species of animals that could harm. Research the natural environment and consult your veterinary to make sure your dog’s vaccinations and medications are all up to speed.

Don't forget to download your essentials list and important things to research before taking your dog on a road trip on the link below. 


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