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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to empower dogs that empower us humans.

Our mission is to provide the best dog products that inspire their humans to live their best quality of life. We hold our products' design and standards high, so that people can care for their dogs as they deserve.

It all began with Rocky, a Yorkshire Terrier that was full of curiosity and affection born in 2008. When Rocky was a puppy, he managed to escape from every cage, fence, yard, and even his own collar at times. He was quite Pow-like. In fact, one summer night, Rocky managed to jump off our second-floor balcony and into our neighbor’s backyard at midnight. To make things even more interesting, he decided to go on this adventure at midnight… Thankfully, we were able to scoop him back into our yard with our pool net. Needless to say, we’re grateful for making our lives an adventure every day.


Sadly, he passed away in January 2020… Nonetheless, Rocky remains in our hearts forever. We’re grateful for his love and everything we learned and experienced with him. Thank you for giving us your life and we promise your legacy will live on, Rocky.

We also provide dog owners educational content to ensure quality lifestyle, health, and fresh looks for all dogs. Our educational resources provide information about the finances, living arrangements, and health information that any and every dog owner should benefit from. We do this because dogs deserve all the love and care us humans can give.

Why have a Pack?

Individuality is always worth embracing. It’s also worth embracing a dog community that shares your interests and values. To be a part of something bigger, we haven the Ruff Pack, Pow Pack, and Pawsh Pack. Together, the Packs form the Rocky Nation.

What you mean to us at Rocky

Firstly, we’re grateful for all of our members and all dog lovers out there. We’re working towards growing Rocky into a global community that cares for their pets. We look forward to growing with you, as part of the Rocky Nation.