As there are so many unique lifestyles, we provide you with three Packs that embrace different lifestyles. Rocky’s community is composed of the Ruff Pack, Pow Pack, and Pawsh Pack. These three Packs express individual interests and designs within Rocky’s community. Although each Pack has their core traits, they’re all rooted to Rocky’s core values: loyalty, honesty, and community. 


Ruff Pack

The Ruff Pack’s core traits are to be taken seriously and honored. They feel great pride in caring for their humans and fellow comrades in the Pack.

Pow Pack

Pow Members keeps things exciting and are usually the ones that give the most stories to tell. Their curiosity keeps their owners on their toes, ready to catch them in action.

Pawsh Pack

Pawsh Members are clever little beasts. Even if you try to fool them, you’re just fooling yourself.